Talks on Industry 4.0

Talks on Industry 4.0

Jan. 20, 2023

Talks on Industry 4.0 January 20, 2023

Veronica Duarte, executive director of CITIA, said that this type of meeting promotes knowledge and adoption of new technologies allowing, through the linking of physical processes with digital tools focused on interconnectivity, automation and data in real time, improve processes and products, efficiency and access to information in real time for decision making.

Consulted by the Provincial News Agency about the details of the talk, Belgoff remarked that “what I am looking for is to tell you a little about how innovation and technological research that seek to transform the different economic sectors in Europe work. We are talking about the creative models, the creation of ecosystems and different models of open innovation that are called, where you collaborate with the producer, the public sector, and above all Startup models”. VER MÁS

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