Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the Knowledge Economy?

It is the set of economic activities that require an intensive contribution of human knowledge to generate value and offer society new products and services, which can be used by all branches of production. These include the software industry, electronics and communications, audiovisual production or post-production, biotechnology, bioeconomy, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, neurotechnology and genetic engineering, geoengineering, geological and prospecting services, nanotechnology and nanoscience, aerospace and satellite industry or space technologies, among others.


What is an Incubator or Incubation Center?

It facilitates the emergence of enterprises or businesses, in this case based on the knowledge industry, providing assistance for startups to develop and grow during their creation and growth stage, in which they are very vulnerable. An Incubator accompanies companies for a limited time until they find a scalable business model, develop, become independent and graduate.


What are the services offered by the Incubation Center?

During the incubation process you have access to consultancy, technical assistance, office space, as well as available laboratories and resources of the Agency and related institutions.


I have a project/idea, can I incubate it at the HUB?

Send us an email to briefly telling us your idea and including the following information: ✔ Name and Last Name ✔ Email Address ✔ Mobile Phone Number ✔ City ✔ Province ✔ Main Project Idea. We will then contact you for more details. Thank you!


How can I join the HUB?

You may join us in any of the following roles: 1- Benefactor Member 2- Benefactor Member with access to coworking areas 3- Benefactor Member with exclusive use of the facilities 4- Honorary Member. Please write to us at and we will contact you. Thank you!



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